DSAIA Announces Membership Scholarships

DSAIA recognizes the unique challenges that have faced leaders in Down syndrome associations over the past couple of years. During a period of great challenges, our community has gained strength from each other. DSAIA is a powerful source of information, support, opportunity—and sometimes comic relief!  Current DSAIA dues are $1000.  Ten $500 scholarships will be awarded to Down syndrome associations; award recipients are responsible for the remaining dues.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Scholarships are available to current as well as new members. Those whose membership have lapsed are also eligible. 
  • Applications are due December 6 and will be awarded by December 10. Members receiving the scholarship will be eligible for the member discount for the 2022 Annual Leadership Conference.
  • Only ten scholarships are available—more may be available if donations in support of this program are received.
  • Scholarships provide $500 off one year of member dues; partial scholarships may be awarded.
  • All applicants for membership scholarships must identify at least one contribution they are willing to make to the DSAIA Community. Examples include serving on a committee, helping with the conference, or sharing their skills on a DSAIA webinar.
  • Scholarships are being offered to support those who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. While some organizations have been seriously challenged during the pandemic, others have remained financially strong. DSAIA hopes that offering membership scholarships will let organizations who are struggling benefit from the resources our community provides.

Please share this information with Down syndrome associations in your network and encourage them to be part of DSAIA.  Applications are due December 6.  All applicants will be notified by December 10.  Questions? Contact Sarah Mulligan at [email protected]

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