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For a nonprofit organization, accreditation demonstrates its commitment to enhance performance, manage risk, and distinguish itself from competing organizations. DSAIA's accreditation applies a rigorous set of recognized organization and program standards as well as professional training opportunities. We are not, however, a policing commission. We work with you to help you meet the standards.


Today more than ever, donors look for accredited organizations before choosing a nonprofit organization to fund. Accreditation is evidence to donors that an organization is committed to nonprofit best practices, true accountability and serving its community. Donors need only view the rigorous standards that organizations must meet for DSAIA accreditation to know their funds are in good hands.


DSAIA will recognize an accredited organization in the following ways:

  • Organization will receive a Certificate of Accreditation for display in their facility
  • Organization will receive a seal to be displayed on their website
  • Organization will be listed on the DSAIA website 
  • Organization's accreditation level will be included on the DSAIA Affiliate Map (online)
  • Organization will be recognized at the annual leadership conference


The accreditation application is available ONLY online and there is NO fee associated with the accreditation application. Applicants should download the checklist before beginning the application process to make sure all documents needed for upload are on hand. Applications will be reviewed quarterly and organizations notified upon approval. 

DSAIA's mission is to support and enhance the growth and service capabilities of the local and regional Down syndrome organizations we serve, to be the conduit of value-driven training, programs, best practices and support for our members. That is why we don't just list the criteria for accreditation, but also provide the resources to meet that criteria.

For more information, please contact DSAIA at or 701-425-7129.


Each module can be completed separately. Only upon completion of all modules in the chosen category will accreditation be awarded. 


Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Optional - Basic, Silver, Gold

(only for those organizations that have paid employees)

Required - Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

Required - Silver, Gold

Required - Basic, Silver, Gold

I continue to be impressed with the depth of the board/professional workshops offered.


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