Guidelines for inclusion on a Down Syndrome Awareness state page:

  • 501(c)3 status
  • Recognized as a nonprofit by your state agency (Secretary of State, Attorney General) and in good standing
  • Must have proof of financial checks and balances (990/financial audit)
  • Must be an 'active' organization. We determine that to mean:
    • Must have a website that is up-to-date
    • Must have at least quarterly offerings for events and/or programs


Does my organization have to be a member of DSAIA to be included in the listings?

You do not have to be a member of DSAIA to have your listing included on a state page. Our members are automatically listed as they meet all the requirements. Membership is very valuable and we are happy to discuss benefits with your organization as well as scholarship opportunities. You are also welcome to ask any of your neighboring groups that are members about their experience with DSAIA as well!

Can my Down syndrome association post events on this page?

Once a collaboration agreement is reached between the majority of groups in your state, DSAIA will offer an Event Calendar on your state page to help promote local events. To learn more about collaborating, view this webinar from the Ohio state organizations presented by DSAIA.

Why is there a county map for each state?

The goal for each page is to have the DSA's collaborate to make sure that all the "gaps in the map" are covered - that every county (the easiest way to measure) is provided services by a DSA in that state even if it is not in the immediate vicinity. Once a state collaboration is coordinated, we encourage those organizations to review the counties and divide them up equitably to make sure that every person in your state has an organization they know will be there to offer support.

What if my organization is not in contact already with the other associations in our state?

DSAIA is happy to help you contact your fellow organizations to coordinate and facilitate the collaboration process. Just contact us at today!

Ready to submit your organization for review and possible placement? Submit your application here.

I had so much to learn and every year AIA (conference) gives me a chance to learn and figure out what other people are doing. Such a good opportunity to get recharged and refocused.-Deborah Tomai, Rio Grande Valley Down Syndrome Association


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