DSAIA's Book Club gives you a chance to hear from authors who have written books that touch on Down syndrome. Whether it is a personal narrative, a thought-provoking story, or a book with a message to  share--we hope you take time out to relax, listen, and be inspired.  Hear the story behind the book, listen to an excerpt, and have a chance to ask YOUR questions. You don't need to have read the book before each book club--but you might want to. Check out the links below each book to learn more.

Guion the Lion by Rebecca Macsovits
Wednesday, November 9
You didn't miss it!  this book club event, originally scheduled on 10/26/22, has been rescheduled due to technical difficulties. Get ready for whimsical delights and discoveries!  This book is full of empathy, curiosity, and imagination. Inspired by her son, Guion, who happens to have Down syndrome, Rebecca created the world of Guion the Lion to show readers that understanding those different from ourselves can be magical.  She will share the background of this delightful book, read a small bit, and share her ideas for how this book can be used to promote awareness of Down syndrome in schools and communities.
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