85 Ways to Help Walk Teams Fundraise

Thu, September 01, 2016 12:48 PM | Anonymous member

How can teams fundraise for your local Awareness/Fundraising Walk? Let us count the ways. Team fundraising doesn't have to feel like a chore or a burden - it can be a lot of fun. Here are 85 creative ways your Awareness/Fundraising Walk teams can boost their dollars raised. It's divided into sections 1. Involve the Community, 2. Host an Event, 3. Boost Outreach, 4. Use your Talents.

  1. Involve the Community.
  2. Corporate Matching: Ask your company to match donations made by other employees.
  3. Garage Sale: Ask friends to donate items for a garage sale. The profit is your donation.
  4. Mow-a-Thon: Get neighborhood kids involved. Mow lawns for a $20 donation.
  5. Fundraising In your Office: Your workplace is a great venue to find support.
  6. Tribute Pledges: Ask people to make a pledge in honor or memory of someone.
  7. Waiters: Ask the servers in your favorite restaurant if they will donate one day's tips.
  8. Change Jar at Local Restaurant: Ask your favorite restaurant to put out a jar for donations of spare change.
  9. Local Sponsor: Identify and ask a local company to sponsor your team.
  10. Delegate: Ask 10 friends to email 10 of their friends about joining your Walk team.
  11. Easy Hundred: Ask 10 friends for $10 in 10 days.
  12. Ask your doctors or dentist for pledges.
  13. Ask your chiropractor, therapist, or yoga instructor.
  14. Ask your lawyer or insurance agent.
  15. Ask your child’s school teachers.
  16. Swear Jar: Every time a family member or co-worker swears, have them pay a dollar to your fund.
  17. Used CD Drive: Collect old CDs from friends or your basement and take them to a CD Exchange for cash.
  18. Free Rent: Get your apartment complex to donate one month's rent to sponsor you.
  19. Tip Jar: Get business to put out a "tip jar" at the register. Put a picture of the person with Down syndrome whom you may be walking for.
  20. Join/Start a walking club and every time someone misses a walk have them contribute $5!
  21. Radio Station: Call your favorite radio station and ask them to make an announcement on the air and to interview you. People can send pledges directly to you.
  22. Gym: Ask your gym if they can teach a Zumba or Pilates class with the proceeds going to your Walk team.
  23. Hair Salon: Ask your hair salon if they would donate $2 of each hair cut over a weekend to you.
  24. Extra Change: Empty pocket change every day into a donation box. Give decorated donation boxes five friends and ask them to join in.
  25. Wristbands: Sell or "give away"awareness wristbands for a donation.
  26. Certificates: Ask a local business to sell a service or package at a reduced rate (e.g., $20 for a $40 oil change). Create certificates that can be sold ($30 for a $40 oil change) and the team keeps the profit.
  27. Dollars for Down Syndrome: Have postcards printed up that look like Dollar Bills. Partner with a grocery store or coffee shop to sell them for $1 or more. Sold cards are displayed in the store.
  28. Dress Down for Down Syndrome: Employees pay $5 to dress down one day at work.
  29. Dimes for Down Syndrome: Kids collect dimes and other pocket change from classmates at school.
  30. Crazy Hair Day: Employees pay $2 to wear their hair in a crazy way throughout the work day.
  31. Host an Event
  32. Theme Dinner: Hold a themed dinner event for 10 of your friends. The ticket is a $50 donation.
  33. Car Wash: Hold a car wash either in your neighborhood or at work.
  34. Benefit Concert: If you know musicians, ask them to perform a benefit concert. Admission = donation to [local DSA].
  35. Movie Party: Hold a movie party at your house/apartment. Pick a code word and every time that word is said in the movie, everyone antes up $1 in a pledge bowl.
  36. Birthday: In lieu of gift for your birthday, ask your friends and family to make a pledge.
  37. House Warming Party: In lieu of a gift for your house warming, ask for donations.
  38. Wedding: In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to make a pledge.
  39. Costume Party: Host a costume party in October. If a guest doesn’t wear a costume, fine them $21 made payable to your local DSA.
  40. Gala Night: Host an elegant or formal party.
  41. Karaoke Nights: Collect a pledge for each song you sing.
  42. Have a Wine-Cheese Tasting Party: Have your guests bring a donation and a bottle of wine to share.
  43. International Food Tasting Party
  44. Sweets Party
  45. Bake Sale at Work
  46. Pet Birthday Party
  47. Retirement Party
  48. New Job Celebration Party
  49. T.V. Show Party: Gather friends for the premiere of your favorite show.
  50. Dance a-thon
  51. Disco Night
  52. Chef night: Offer to cook for your friends in exchange for cash!
  53. Host a Picture Party: Share your family pictures and others with friends.
  54. Host a Movie Theme Night
  55. Popcorn Party: Show a new release video and charge $6 at your home.
  56. Monopoly or other Game Night
  57. Poker for Pledges: Host a poker night or card game where players' "buy-in" goes to your Walk team.
  58. Pizza Nights: Ask your local pizza place to donate pizza, and ask friends for $7 at the door, all you can eat.
  59. Bowling Nights
  60. Chili Cook-Off: Charge an entry fee for dinner and have a cook-off with your friends.
  61. Boost Outreach
  62. Voice Mail: Change your voice mail message to include your participation in your fundraising/awareness Walk and how people can help.
  63. Labels: Create return address labels that state "I'm participating in the [walk name] for the [local DSA]. Will you sponsor me?"
  64. Pin: Create a pin that says "ask me about the [walk name]" and wear it around town!
  65. Social Networks: Post a message on your favorite social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) asking your friends to support your efforts.
  66. Colored Pledge Forms: Print your pledge form on colored paper so it will stick out in a stack of bills and other correspondence.
  67. Email Signature: Include your team name in your email signature.
  68. Business Cards: Make up business cards with your Walk information - your name and address to send donations to or the web address. Hand them out to everyone you meet.
  69. Share the Passion: Tell your story. The more you talk about your why you’re involved in your Walk, the more people will share in that excitement and want to donate or join your team.
  70. Classmates: Ask your child’s teacher if she can send home a Walk flier in his/her classmates’ backpacks.
  71. Dear Neighbor: Write to all your neighbors on your block or in your apartment building or complex. Attach an update on your fundraising progress.
  72. Meet The Press: Get an article in your company newsletter. Ask them to publish an article about you in which you request support.
  73. Your Town Newspaper: Get an article in your home-town newspaper.
  74. Bulletin Boards: Post your Walk flier on bulletin boards at the gym, community center, coffee shop, etc.
  75. Use Your Talents
  76. Personal Assistant: Offer to be your friends' and coworkers' personal assistant for a day (or few hours) in exchange for a $250 donation.
  77. Make-Up Artist: If you are a make-up artist, do $75 donation makeovers.
  78. Photographer: If you are an artist/photographer, do portraits for pledges.
  79. Baby-sit
  80. Pet-sit
  81. House-sit
  82. Water the Garden: Or any chores you or a family member would normally do for free for neighbors, friends or family, this time, ask them for a team donation.
  83. Personal Vending Machine: Take a trip to the store and load up. Let your co-workers know to come to you instead of heading to the machine.
  84. Computer Graphics: If you are good with computers make nice cards and give them for pledges.
  85. Temporary Tattoos: Give a Buddy Walk temporary tattoo to your friends for pledge.
Many of these ideas are from DSAIA members. And many of the ones that are more complex have actual templates in the DSAIA Resource Library! Check it out today!

I want to tell you what WONDERFUL time I had at the conference. I learned so much and came away with lots of ideas for our organization. -Barb Waddle, The Upside of Downs of Northeast Ohio


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