DSAIA Digest May '12: What Makes Your Readers Click

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What Makes Your Readers "Click" 


In a recent analysis of their newsletter, Madison Area Down Syndrome Society found what stories generate the most interest to their readers. It is harder and harder to compete with the amount of information that your members are bombarded with on a day-to-day basis, so knowing which stories are more likely to pique their interest is a vital bit of information. 


So, what did MADSS find? Looking at a year of click-throughs, they found that the majority of "opens" were on human interest or inspiring stories about people with Down syndrome. Next on the list were family and personal accounts of living with a child/family member with Down syndrome and parenting a child with Down syndrome.  Other topics are listed in order below:

  • Medical research (the recent pre-natal article got quite a few hits)
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Government bills associated with disabilities
  • Maintaining good health for people with Down Syndrome
  • Recommended area providers for MADSS members

While interest seems to mainly be in stories about other people, MADSS' newsletter volunteer Alyssa Skiba noted that members are also interested in what the government is doing to help people with disabilities and how parents/family members can contribute to the healthy growth of their children. 


Thanks to MADSS for sharing their research.  Want to learn more about what makes a great newsletter? Read this interesting article about how to avoid the most common newsletter mistakes.

Are You Covered? 


Your board members are

volunteers who often make difficult decisions. That is why your organization should have Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance to protect them. The question is not "can you afford it" but rather "how can you not?"  Board members can be sued individually or as a group over a variety of reasons. Can your organization withstand a lawsuit and the costs involved?


Not having such insurance can make it difficult to attract and retain good board members, who simply cannot afford to serve if they run such risk to their personal assets.  Some professionals are unwilling or unable to serve on a board without D&O insurance. 


Learn more about coverage for both D&O and General Liability insurance by watching our two-part series entitled "Are You Covered?" in the DSAIA  Repository.  For discounts on insurance for your group, be sure and download the V.I.P. Insurance Discount Offer



Self-Advocate Leadership A Top Priority


david with group ndsc

DSAIA Board Members (from left to right): David Egan, Joe Meares & Doris Erhart

Including self-advocates in the board room successfully is the goal of the newly formed Self-Advocate Leadership Committee.  The committee, co-chaired by DSAIA board members Doris Erhart and David Egan, presented sessions at the 2012 DSAIA Conference and is now hard at work developing resources and training for affiliates. 


The committee has already started compiling items to be included in a "toolkit" for boards. The toolkit's purpose is to give groups the necessary resources to make self-advocates a productive member of the board. Following the formulation of the toolkit, the committee plans to present a training webinar and present breakout sessions at the 2013 conference in Cincinnati.


"While we have a good starting number," explains Doris Erhart, "we still need committee members with a wide range of backgrounds. We would like to have affiliate board members both with and without Down syndrome as well as those from groups who do not have a self-advocate on their board." If you are interested in joining the committee, contact Doris Erhart or David Egan today.

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