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Medical Concerns in Individuals with DS-ASD

  • Thu, December 07, 2017
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CST)
  • Online presentation

DSAIA Affiliate-Presented Webinar

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Children with DS and ASD are sometimes reported to have experienced developmental regression. It is unclear whether early medical events or medical conditions are associated with the risk of experiencing ASD/regression in children with DS specifically. Reports of early or late-onset regression in children with DS are scarce (Devenny & Mathews, 2011) although many individuals with a dual diagnosis of DS+ASD have a reported history of developmental regression (Castillo et al. 2008). Although many of these children are diagnosed with ASD as a comorbid condition, the defining characteristics and phenomenology of regression are not well characterized. Practice guidelines for confirming cases of reported regression have not been established by professionals who may be asked to evaluate such cases.


  • Developmental Regression- What is it?
  • Recognize common developmental and neurobehavioral features of children with/without DS+ASD regression
  • Review associated medical conditions in children with/without DS+ASD regression
  • Become familiar with some medical interventions used to manage children with DS+ASD

Your speaker:  Dr. George Capone

Dr. Capone attended college at Wesleyan University and worked as a research assistant at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston before obtaining his medical degree from the University of Connecticut in 1983. After a residency and fellowship in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Dr. Capone came to Baltimore in 1988 to pursue a fellowship in neurobiology research at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Capone currently serves as the director of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Down Syndrome Clinic and Research Center (DSCRC), and is an attending physician on the institute’s comprehensive rehabilitation unit.

Presented by Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota in partnership with Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action and made possible by Dakota and Ramsey Counties.

I continue to be impressed with the depth of the board/professional workshops offered.


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