Reach thousands of local/regional/statewide nonprofit Down syndrome organizations across the nation. If your organization serves the nonprofit community, you would benefit by having contact with over 2,000 leaders in the Down syndrome community. Become one of our partners or sponsors today!

For more information on the opportunities available, see the information below. You can also contact DSAIA at (701) 354-7255 or by email at


Digital Newsletter Sponsorship

Sponsor our monthly e-newsletter which is distributed to over 2,000 individuals. Sponsorship is limited to two (2) sponsors each month and includes the following:

  • Banner-style image with your company's logo notating sponsorship
  • Banner image will include a link to the sponsor's website
  • Opportunity to provide the banner image to DSAIA for inclusion in the newsletter (5 days prior to distribution date)
Header Sponsorship (located near the top of the newsletter):  $250
Footer Sponsorship (located at the bottom of the newsletter)  $100

webinar sponsor

Sponsor one of DSAIA's training/information webinars. Each month, DSAIA presents a session on a variety of topics including DS-specific programming, nonprofit best practices, marketing, etc. Webinars are recorded and archived for later viewing by DSAIA members. Your sponsorship would help us bring this incredible programming to our membership (and nonmembers as well).

Sponsorship includes:

  • Pre-event recognition of sponsorship on the event page
  • Dedicated sponsor slide at both the beginning and end of the webinar
  • Vocal recognition of sponsorship by webinar facilitator during the event
  • Full recording (including sponsorship mention) will be housed in archive for at least 2 years
One-Time Webinar Sponsorship (up to 1 1/2 hour webinar)   $250
Webinar Series Sponsorship (up to 3 sessions)  $500

Conference Sponsor

February 18-21, 2021 - Las Vegas, NV

Become a sponsor today and receive visibility and exposure to top leaders in the Down syndrome nonprofit community! Receive immediate sponsorship recognition online.

As a sponsor of the DSAIA Annual Leadership Conference, you can be involved in bringing top-level training and networking opportunities to Down syndrome nonprofit organizations while seeing benefits to your company’s bottom-line.

Our sponsor brochure for the 2021 conference will be available in September 2020. Watch for it to find information on pricing and options. Please contact us for a customized sponsorship option just for you at today!

We are incredibly proud of our growth and results in 2017.  However, none of this could have been possible without support from DSAIA....the membership has been necessary for past successes, and will continue to prove vital for future growth.

-Dawn Neuffer, Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin


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