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Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action offer partial scholarships to small organizations throughout the year.  These scholarships will be awarded by the DSAIA Membership Committee on a limited basis and are based on financial need along with other considerations.  Most scholarship awards are for $500 or 50% of the regular membership fee. Applicants must meet the scholarship criteria listed below and complete the Scholarship Application.


Potential member must meet all requirements of membership as written in the DSAIA Bylaws. 

  • Must be a duly-formed not-for-profit entity
  • Must have a Board of Directors responsible for setting policies
  • Must be substantially devoted (at least 50% of time and funds) to serving individuals with Down syndrome
Other Considerations:
  • Budgets under $35,000 are given the highest priority. Budgets over $35,000 will be considered on special circumstances - please be specific with the reason for your request for scholarship.

requirements of scholarship recipients

  • Board of Directors of organization (and any staff if applicable) will be required to attend an orientation via webinar within 30 days of scholarship award
  • Organization will add their full list of leaders to the DSAIA website under their group's "bundle" for full access to resources within 7 days of scholarship award
  • Organization will be introduced to their "mentor" DSA and will maintain a schedule of calls/interactions based upon mutual availability

  • Organization's staff and at least 30% of the board must complete the Board Development Online Course within 6 months of joining.

application process

Enter your data into the Scholarship Application Form and submit.  Please remit application and any collaborative information as soon as possible as scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  All applicant information will be kept confidential.  All scholarship award recipients will be asked to have their complete board/staff participate in an interactive webinar to learn about the DSAIA resources available within the first 30 days of membership.

We are incredibly proud of our growth and results in 2017.  However, none of this could have been possible without support from DSAIA....the membership has been necessary for past successes, and will continue to prove vital for future growth.

-Dawn Neuffer, Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin


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