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Down Syndrome Awareness Month/Day Ideas

Interactive Peer Presentations

Supporting Your Members with Mosaic Down Syndrome

World Down Syndrome Day: Random Acts of Kindness Campaign (available to nonmembers) Watch it now! 

Board Development

Board Development Series: Board Development 101

Board Development Series:  Board Orientation

Board Development Series: Getting Your Board 'On Board' With Fundraising

Board Development Series: What is the Role of Your Board?

Board Development Series: Shared Responsibility and Accountability

Board Development Series: Strategic Planning with Your Board

Building a More Productive Board

Building Your Board: New Ways to Develop Leaders

Creating and Living Into Your Strategic Plan

Developing an Auxiliary Board for Your Organization

Firing Lousy Board Members (And Helping Others To Succeed)

How To Lose a Board Member

How To Lose an Executive Director


Direct Educational Support - Is The Learning Programâ„¢ Right For Your Organization?

How to Present a "Back To School" Workshop

Fundraising & Events

Build a Better Golf Tournament

Creative Fundraising Strategies

Creative Ways To Say Thanks!

Donor Development (3 part series)

Grantwriting Boot Camp (6 part series)

Holiday Party Planning Made Easy

Increase Your Silent Auction Revenue

Leaky Bucket  (2 part series)

Run for Your Money: Organizing a 5K

Setting Your Fundraising Goals (And Creating a Plan To Make Them A Reality)

What Your Sponsors Really Want

Wildly Successful Events: How To Get Sponsorships

Your Year End Appeal is a Terrible Thing To Waste!

Governmental Affairs

Growing Grassroots Advocacy at the State Level

How To Pass a Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing Law in Your State

Marketing, Communications & Social Media

Creating Your Facebook Content Strategy

Cut Copy & Paste: Intellectual Property 101

E-Newsletters That Make Your Donors Want To Give

How To Captivate and Engage Your Constituents with Your Website

Marketing Your Walk

Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

Social Media 101

Spreading the News: Turning Worthy into News-Worthy

Spreading the News:  Working With The Media

The 'Like' able Organization


Adding Top Level Staff

Budgeting for the Small Nonprofit

Budgeting Using Intuit Quickbooks - Premier Nonprofit Edition

Are You Covered? (2 part series on insurance for nonprofits)

Divide & Conquer: Time Management for the Small DS Organization

How To Read Nonprofit Financial Statements

How To Write an Annual Report

Moving Beyond the Spreadsheet

Nonprofit Accounting: Lessons Learned

The Threat Within: Internal Controls

Year End Accounting Questions

Zero To Sixty: Fast Track Your Young Group Into a Professional Organization!

Prenatal & Medical Outreach

Build or Enhance Your First Call Program

Urgency of Medical Outreach 


A Healthier Life: Health & Wellness Program for Adults with Down Syndrome

Camps for Individuals with Down Syndrome

Creating Successful Support Programs for Grandparents

Customizing the NDSC Adult Toolkit for Your Families

Diversity Outreach

Harmonic Treatment: Heartstrings Program

I Can Bike

New Family Support

Next Chapter Book Club

Oklahoma SibShop Initiative

Planning a Successful Conference (From Start to Finish)

Why D.A.D.S.?


Memory & Sleep: DS Cognition Research  (available to nonmembers) Watch it now!

Understanding Down Syndrome Research (And How You Can Help)

The Research Landscape: Update on DS Cognition Research & Ongoing Clinical Trials


New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit

Social Media & Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer Power: Walk the Walk

I continue to be impressed with the depth of the board/professional workshops offered.


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