Resource Library

AIA has created an online resource library that includes templates, sample forms, articles, contracts, webinars, toolkits, digital books, training materials, handouts from conference sessions, videos, presentations, reports, research papers--even a speaker directory!  This curated collection of materials is available to members only. This is the place you want to go when you need a fresh idea or don't want to start from scratch to create something amazing. And the best part? New resources are being added every month!

To give you an idea of what's in the resource library, here are two helpful examples:

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need for My Non-Profit?  This is a great article that takes away some of the mystery of getting the right kind of insurance. It is a quick overview and  gives you ideas to talk to your insurance agent about.

Nonprofit Board Profile Worksheet  This is a great example of one of the templates in our library. Some you can pick up and use right away and others give you a great starting point. If you are recruiting new board members or want to be sure you have a well-rounded board that can move your organization forward, this is a recource you should check out. 

So how do you access these and other resources?  DSAIA's Resource Library is a member benefit and all you have to do is (1) make sure you are logged in to and click here to learn more. Or just send an email and we'll sort it out with you.

AIA Resource Library Folders:

  • Accreditation Resources
  • Speaker Directory
  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Board & Governance
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Outreach
  • Financial Management
  • Staffing & Human Resources
  • Volunteer Management
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Program & Outreach

 If you have a resource you would like to share with DSAIA members or need help logging into the library, click here.